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did you hear about rastafari being against queer? [1]. there're also quite some amnesty reports in french about...

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Hi, Myself and several friends have put together our first zine, entitled Rackage. It is a snarky, girl-centric, humorous zine, with pieces with titles like "Dates From Hell" and "The Patriarchy is F*cking Us with Inadequet Shorts".

For more information, or to order a copy, contact us at or me personally at The first issue is $1, or trade.


Rebecca S. Newman "It's sexy to be competent." -Letty Cottin Pogrebin


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Just wanted to announce I (Elizabeth) have a new issue of my zine 398 out. It's issue #6 and has three short fairy tale like stories and also an interview with the author Tamora Pierce I did through e-mail. It's 1/2 size, 28 pages, and one dollar ppd. can/us, or I also like zine trades. You can e-mail me at: if you're interested, or look at my web page of zines here: Thanks!

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