There are quite a lot of definitions of feminism. Wikipedia quotes Amazon feminism, cultural feminism ecofeminism, libertarian feminism or individualist feminism, material feminism, gender feminism, French feminism, pop feminism, liberal feminism, radical feminism, sexually liberal feminism/sex-positive feminism, spiritual feminism, separatist feminism, third-world feminism, transfeminism, proto-feminist and post-feminist. Does this make sense? How can we define the important directions? And do we actually need feminism? Or not rather a more general approach?




First page board

this space is open & public & free. do what you like. there is no adminstration. WhatElse? nice... it works. anybody else there?!??

did you hear about rastafari being against queer? [1]. there're also quite some amnesty reports in french about...

got some more links?

Just wanted to announce I (Elizabeth) have a new issue of my zine 398 out. It's issue #6 and has three short fairy tale like stories and also an interview with the author Tamora Pierce I did through e-mail. It's 1/2 size, 28 pages, and one dollar ppd. can/us, or I also like zine trades. You can e-mail me at: if you're interested, or look at my web page of zines here: Thanks!

This page is a great tool and resource for feminism! Thanks for making it Tim!

If anyone knows any interesting feminist books, could you list them here? Preferably anarcha-feminist, radical feminist, gender bender or DIY/punk/underground/riot grrrl feminist. I'm especially looking for feminist strategies, action-inspiring books, etc. Thanks!

One book that has really inspired me is "De Tweede Golf Voorbij" with interviews by the female anarchist publishers Atalanta from Utrecht, Holland. Unfortunately I think it's only available in Dutch.

~ Nina

... well it's not yet a resource but already a great tool :)) We can create an own page for Books.. can you please write some more about the interviews in "De Tweede Golf Voorbij"? à++ :) ~ Tim

i've created a books page at Books.

Please add some of your own favourite feminist books :-)

~ Nina

Hi, I am new to Wiki stuff but I'm into feminism. Is this supposed to be a discussion site? It's just very quiet now? Or is there more going on that I'm not seeing? Tara

Hi Tara, yes this is a place to discuss feminism, gender, society. But it's also a place to just collect information, write articles together, announce zines or even organize local activities... to find out what's going on here (not so much yet but it's still the beginning) the RecentPages page could help you :) Tim

What you can do here

++ tell others about your zine ++ invite people to feminist or anti-discrimination sites ++ create a (words [[Like This]] or just added directly to the URL) for your local activities +++ ask questions ++ write in different languages ++ release articles that you have written for older zines ++ discuss articles ++ co-write articles directly here with other visitors ++ create a GuestBookPage for your own site +++ take certain pages as frame within a frameset of another site +++ write something about yourself, create your PrivatePage ++ get in touch with other people ++ spread news ++ copy contents from here to other sites or zines ++ organize campaigns and actions +++ act!! ++ ... do whatever you like as long as you respect the other ones writing here :) ++ .. and please DON'T spam!

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