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I am here for the first time.Am I the only person that thinks women are to blame for the way we are percieved? Many women in music and movies, the ones to look up to, show their bodies and no brains. We are compared to there fake air-brushed, and ignorant women. I just can't keep up with something like that. These women need to show some brains or we will be compared to images that we can't be.

Hej Luiisa, welcome to the LadyWiki :)) What about moving this topic to an own page like WomenAndMedia or something (as this is just the TestPage .)? I think the role of the media is really important. In Germany this discussion has been quite polarised one or two years ago when there was the tv-duel between major-feminist AliceSchwarzer and VeronaFeldbusch, represantive of the "sexy" and "stupid" or at least very naive woman.... -- Tim
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Hello, I am trying in this site for the first time (Hi Tim! ;)). I would like to let those bois and grrrls who haven't yet heard about it of our INTERNATIONAL RIOT GRRRL MESSAGE BOARD @ You are all very welcome to join in and come to discuss about Riot Grrrl issues from feminism, to DIY politics and related subjects. It is also thought of as a place so that we can internationally join in forces, discuss and get to know one another.

Cheers! *Diana*

Hej, welcome.... nice to see you here :) I also can recommand the INTERNATIONAL RIOT GRRRL MESSAGE BOARD - would be interesting to continue some of the subjects there on this place later on. cYa soon... Tim :)

This could become an interesting wiki, I'll keep an eye on it. However, your web design is frankly dicriminating. You use fixed font size, which people using some browsers (IE) can't resize. I have 19 inch monitor with 1600x1200 resolution and the text looks unreadably small with Mozilla 1.6. I'm still lucky, I could resize it. It is obvious that you haven't tested your CSS with Mozilla. Text doesn't fit into areas reserved for it in the top menu. If there is a lot of text in the page, the letters overlap. And your CSS doesn't even validate. You should read the whole Anybrowser site and do as it says. More resources.

You should also tell which wiki engine you use. Some people may already know its markup thoroughly, but they won't use it, unless they are sure that it works in this wiki.

Hej you, thanks for your notes and resources. I noticed the probs in Mozilla some days ago... it's really bad there. You're sure that screen fonts can't be resized? Well, I hope we'll collect further probs here or on a page WikiFeatures or something and then it will be fixed asap :) The engine we're using here is oddmuse, see This is still the very beginning of LadyWiki and if it really kicks off we'll solve existings probs together I think :) Looking forward to hearing from you again -- Tim
I was wrong with the resize thing, I just tested it with IE 6. I'm sorry. I read about it in a page which had lots of other accurate facts. Fortunately I didn't put here a link to it.

Hello Tim and everyone else! Thought I'd try this whole edit page thing out... I bookmarked this page a while ago but didn't dare add anything - silly huh?? My name is Terese, found this page through your posts on the Riot Grrrl International message board. This site is a really cool idea - I'm gonna make sure to come back often! Take care everyone. Terese x

Hmm... Good question. To be honest I'm not sure. In a way, it would be good if everyone could concentrate all their efforts in one place because then we would get more discussion between all the people with similar interests who might be going to different sites otherwise. But then at the same time, it's nice to have several different places to go to... I think it's unavoidable that there's always going to be lots of different boards/mailing lists etc. As long as they are all linked up I guess I don't really think that's a problem. I personally really like this site, as its so unique. I don't know how common open-content sites like this are, but I've never taken part in one before and it just looks like so much fun. Give it some time and promotion and I think this site could grow into something really great! Terese x

I have a wish. When I first time visited a wiki, I was horrified. "Those people cannot write! They misspell words LikeThis!", I thought. I still feel that BumpyCase links and page names frighten many people. They leave the wiki immediately and won't come back. So we should stick using freeform links. The text looks plain normal with them.

Hi everyone! I thought I'd let you know that I have a riot grrrl resource site called 'Riot Grrrl Online' located here: and the site also has a message board located here: Check them out and join the message board for FREE!

Hi! This web site is a really good idea :-) Can we use HTML to edit the pages?? Luv Becky x